PAINTS – g) Watercolour: 2. Sticks

This section is at this stage all about the one and only product like this on the market…

Winsor and Newton, one of the most venerable watercolour brand, has brought out in 2015 watercolour markers and sticks both in 48 colours (with 22 colors common to both ranges) The markers are twin-tipped -a fine point and a brush- offering detailing options, continuous lines and a precision unknown in the watercolour world. They are of course highly pigmented and lightfast and can mix with both the sticks and any watercolour paint. When wetted they do not release an large amount of colour. With the sticks you have another drawing tool at your fingertips, offering quite a variety of line thicknesses. Used dry, they will create beautiful effects when wetted or partially wetted. I also simply dip them in the water and, bypassing the brush, paint-draw with them. There is a looseness about them, together with a control, never quite experienced before. The fact that so many colours are offered in both ranges make for endless combinations of style and feel…. you have probably understood now that I’m in love!


III. g) Watercolour

  • III. g1) Paint
  • III. g2) Sticks
  • III. g3) Markers
  • III. g4) Mediums
  • III. g5) Varnishes

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